Nutrition in Vitamin and Mineral Premixes and Blends for the Food Industry

ABOUT Dalton Sugar Company



Dalton Sugar Company was founded in 2010 with its primary role being producer and distributor of vitamin premixes and blends to the African continent. In addition Dalton Sugar Company is a re-packer and supplier of brown sugar with operations based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Due to the strategic importance of contributing to nutrition in Africa, an exclusive and formal alliance exists with BASF Germany, assisting Dalton Sugar in enriching and fortifying the foods it or it’s clients produce to maximize the nutritional quality of the food.

Our current business on which our business model is based is the Sugar Industry in Africa and the fortification of sugar and other commodities with the vitamin A premixes we manufacture.

As a result Dalton Sugar Company has agreements with leading sugar mills  to fortify sugar with Vitamin A. This market base will grow in regions where sugar fortification is mandatory, such as in Malawi, or voluntary, such as South Africa.

Our key objective is to make vitamin fortified food more affordable to fellow Africans, which in turn creates healthier communities. A very important objective is for Dalton Sugar Company not to be a commodity trader, instead it is a seller of value added premixes where the value add is unique to Dalton Sugar Company and its clients and partners, which includes the manufacturers of food products.


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